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Why Choose a Vegan Suede Mat?

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(Jah-yeh-ee): A woman strong like an elephant

Jayei Athletics’ mission is to empower women, pay homage to African heritage, and inspire conscious giving. We just happen to make exceptional yoga mats too!

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Yoga Mats

MudMat Collection

Our Afrocentric vegan suede mats are inspired by Malian mud cloth of West Africa.

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Karyn Poe, Owner of Jayei Athleticss, holding mud cloth

What's a MudMat?

Our mats are inspired by Malian mud cloth, known as "Bogolanfini," which boasts a rich history rooted in West African heritage. Its intricate patterns and earthy tones symbolize cultural identity, storytelling, and communal unity. This sacred textile, dyed with natural mud and vibrant designs, symbolizes a connection to my roots and a reminder of the beauty of African heritage. Our MudMat Collection honors the cloth's culture significance while offering a modern twist.

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