Mats with a Misison:

Masuwe Primary School

Every Purchase makes a difference!

Jayei Athletics LLC was founded on the philosophy that there is strength in giving. A portion of your purchase supports the Masuwe Primary School’s infrastructure and provides supplies and equipment for various educational initiatives such as the Learner’s Club, Home Economics, and Horticulture projects. In the near future the school hopes to get electricity so they can introduce a technology based curriculum. 

The Masuwe Primary School is located 18 km from Victoria Falls In Matabelelend North Province in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 2004 after the government’s Land Resettlement Programme. 

The school serves approximately 170 learners from ages 3 to 13. The student to teacher ratio is 1:40 with only 4 teachers! The instructors often play various roles and teach multiple grade levels. With increasing enrollment, the school needs more equipment and funding to build more classrooms. 

Despite limited staffing, supplies, and resources, the instructors and students have undeniable strength and an uplifting spirit. The instructors are dedicated to developing skillful students who will help improve their community. 

To date, we have updated the curriculum for the 7th graders, providing all new books in eight courses. We have also replaced broken windows, doors and locks to create a safer learning environment. Since the school is the center of the community we were able to create a space for their fowls which assists in their agriculture studies and provides for the community. We continue to work on our mission to support the school and it's students. 


Every purchase makes a difference!