Our Herstory

Jayei Athletics  (Jah-yeh-ee)

Meaning: A woman strong like an elephant 

Like an elephant, women are powerful! Our slip resistant eco-friendly quality mats support the sweatiest of workouts and empower women to move powerfully and unapologetically. Our natural rubber and vegan suede mats provide a luxurious feel with superior grip.  They are ideal for yoga and home fitness.

Our MudMat Collection ® is inspired by Malian mud cloth (Bògòlanfini) of West Africa. Traditional mud cloth is a cotton textile processed and dyed from iron rich mud. The motifs and colors capture their unique traditions and communicate significant events.  Jayei Athletics honors the cloth’s cultural significance while offering a modern twist.    

We designed a mat that expresses what the fitness industry has been lacking—representation. Women of color are disproportionately represented in the fitness community. At Jayei Athletics, we see you! Instead of asking for a seat at the table, we made our own.   

Jayei Athletics is a Black woman owned company. We aim to pay homage to African heritage, honor the strength in women, and promote conscience giving.


The Creator

Karyn Poe is the creator of Jayei Athletics. She is a fitness enthusiast and a 200 RYT who enjoys traveling and the outdoors. Her degrees are in Business Marketing and African American Studies. She noticed the lack of fitness mats that represented Black and African culture and made it her mission to create a space that displayed our heritage in fitness. After visiting the Masuwe Primary School in Zimbabwe in 2019, she vowed to give back. Jayei Athletics combines her love of fitness, uplifting women of color, and conscious giving.