Why Choose a Vegan Suede Mat?

When it comes to yoga practice, choosing the right mat is essential for comfort, stability, and eco-friendliness. In recent years, vegan suede (AKA microsuede) and natural rubber yoga mats have gained popularity among yogis worldwide. Since creating Jayei Athletics, people often ask, “Why did you choose suede?”. But once they practice on it, they absolutely get it! These mats offer numerous benefits, both for the environment and for yogis seeking a sustainable and high-performance option. Here, we will explore the advantages of vegan suede and natural rubber yoga mats, highlighting their unique features and how they can enhance your yoga experience. 

  1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable 

One of the primary benefits of vegan suede and natural rubber yoga mats is their eco-friendliness. Vegan suede mats are made from synthetic microfibers, eliminating the need for animal-derived materials. They offer a cruelty-free alternative without compromising on performance or comfort. On the other hand, natural rubber mats are derived from renewable sources and are biodegradable, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious yogis. By choosing these mats, you contribute to reducing the demand for non-renewable resources and minimize your ecological footprint.

  1. Superior Grip and Traction 

Vegan suede mats often have a textured surface that provides exceptional grip, preventing slippage during even the most challenging poses. Hot yoga is perfect for vegan suede as the grip gets better the more you sweat. To activate the grip, it's, common to mist the mat before use. Natural rubber mats are known for their sticky surface, offer excellent traction, ensuring that your hands and feet stay in place, regardless of the intensity of your practice. With these mats, you can focus on your yoga postures, transitions, and flows, without worrying about slipping or losing stability. 



  1. Comfort and Support 

Yoga mats should offer adequate cushioning to protect your joints and provide a comfortable surface for your practice. Vegan suede and natural rubber mats excel in providing cushioning and support. Vegan suede mats often have a plush feel, offering gentle support for your knees, elbows, and spine. They create a soft and comfortable surface without compromising stability. Natural rubber mats, on the other hand, offer a denser and firmer cushioning, providing stability and support during more vigorous and demanding yoga sessions. Our mats offer great stability at 4.5mm. Vegan suede and natural rubber combined, offer a comfortable and supportive experience. 

  1. Durability and Longevity 

Investing in a durable yoga mat is essential for long-term use. Vegan suede and natural rubber mats are known for their durability. Vegan suede mats are resistant to wear and tear, maintaining their appearance and performance even with regular use. Natural rubber mats are also highly durable, capable of withstanding rigorous practices without losing their integrity. By choosing these mats, you can enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting yoga companion, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

      5. Easy to Clean

Vegan suede yoga mats are easy to clean and are less prone to bacterial growth compared to other materials such as cotton or natural rubber. The surface of a vegan suede mat is also less porous, making it more hygienic and resistant to odors.

     6. Colorfast 

Vegan suede yoga mats are colorfast and resistant to fading. Our MudMat Collection offers earthly, yet vibrant tones inspired by mud cloth of West Africa. The colors will not fade or run. 


Vegan suede and natural rubber yoga mats offer a range of benefits, combining eco-friendliness, superior grip, comfort, and durability. With Jayei Athletics, you not only enhance your yoga practice but also contribute to a healthier planet.