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Are you constantly losing grip due to sweaty hands? Are your joints in discomfort due to thin mats?

Our slip-resistant mats provide better traction and grip the sweatier you get. The natural rubber adheres to the floor and the microsuede texture provides a soft surface that grips the more you sweat. The suede surface is a towel and mat in one! Our 4.5mm mats provide great support and protection for your joints so you can spend more time enjoying your workouts. 


Size: 70X24 inches  (178X61cm)

Thickness: 4.5mm

Weight: 2.8 kg (6lbs)



  • Absorbent, soft suede top 
  • Natural rubber
  • Mats printed with water-based ink
  • Increased traction with intense workouts
  • Free from PVC, silicone, phthalates, and harmful chemicals 
  • Yoga strap included 


    Mat Care

    Hand washing prolongs the life of the mat. For sweatier workouts, gently clean your mat every 2-3 days with a yoga mat cleaning spray or gentle non-oil natural-based soap. Wet a small towel and gently clean. Air dry and avoid sun exposure. Fold mat with suede side out. 


    Mat Name Meaning

    Amina: A legendary warrior and queen of Zazzau, present day Nigeria. In the late 1500s she introduced metal battle armour to her region and successfully expanded the Zazzau territory. In her 34-year reign, she was able to secure trading passages through the Sahara and built fortresses and strategic encampments



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